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One Piece -Awakening of the new era [OP-05] booster pack/box/case

One Piece -Awakening of the new era [OP-05] booster pack/box/case

Take a step into the world of the One-Piece Card Game and boost your deck with these booster packs! Pick your favourite cards and mix and match them with starter decks to build your own personalised deck! The theme this time is the Skypia Arc and Revolutionary Army characters!

• This set is made up of 127 card types with 6 leader, 45 common, 30 uncommon, 26 rare, 10 super rare, 2 secret rare, 6 Special cards, 1 DON!! Card and 1 1st Anniversary Card.
• To celebrate the game's 1st Anniversary Eiichiro Oda is even providing new illustrations for the included cards!
• Each Booster Pack contains lots of cards, perfect for deck building.

• 24 x Booster Packs

    VAT Included