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MTG - Lord of the Rings Commander decks

MTG - Lord of the Rings Commander decks

Experience the beloved story of The Lord of the Rings with the strategic gameplay of Magic: The Gathering, facing off against opponents in thrilling magical battles.


• Immerse yourself in Middle-earth with unique game mechanics and stunning art that draw you into this epic tale.
• Commander is a multiplayer way to play Magic, an epic, free-for-all battle full of strategic plays and social intrigue.
• Introduces 20 never-before-seen Commander cards to Magic: The Gathering.


Which each contain
• 1 x 100 card ready-to-play The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Commander Deck
• 1 x Collector Booster Sample Pack
• 1 x Foil-etched Display Commander
• 10 x Double-sided Tokens
• 1 x Life Tracker
• 1 x Deck Box

    VAT Included