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Spoilers for March Of The Machine are here and it is an exciting time to be a magic player, with much needed reprints and an awesome new card type there is plenty to look forward to in the new set.

March Of The Machine spoilers dropped and we should probably start by going over the latest card type, Battle has been revealed and they bring the warfare to Magics last stand. I would like to take a look at the revealed "Invasion of New Phyrexia" card to go over the new card type and how I believe it will be most used.

Battle - The New Card Type

(Invasion of New Phyrexia is a Battle type card with the subtype - Siege, we are yet to see any other subtypes so maybe there will be more than one way to tick these things down and get them flipping.)

So as we can see from the reminder text the new card type "Battle" will be something you and your opponents will go to war over ( plus an extra target for my Atraxa ETB ) and once you have dealt enough damage it will flip and give you a whole new card with new abilities in this cards case the needed damage to get through will be 6. Like Planeswalkers the value will be represented by counters and anyone is free to attack these things however its controller will be the one to receive the permanent that it flips into. A simple idea that sounds like a lot of fun for multiplayer formats such as the games most popular format "Commander". This particular battle will generate you some 2/2 White and Blue Vigilant knights with a value = to the X you are willing to pay to cast, a nice start to get you hitting this thing for it to flip, especially if you have some token or ETB doublers on board for extra value but enough with the fluff, lets move on to its flip side.

1. Card draw is always nice but pretty mild as far as a Teferi is concerned

2. So those Knights we made earlier are really going to get bigger huh?

3. Oh so now those knights are gonna be shuffling the battles the other guys want to flip straight back into their decks?, Say less.

Jokes aside, this Teferi seems really fun and a great impact piece on your board state with a little card advantage to boot, One of the commander pre-cons is centred around knights with Eminence so looks like it will be needing this as an immediate addition to the line-up

Hexmage stop that!

Remember what I said about Battle's and Planeswalkers. Well Hexmage has nothing to do with this set directly but I'll leave you to figure out why she relevant.

Multiverse Legends Reprints - A Monkey, An Angel and a Dragon

Three beautiful new arts for three great cards, two in desperate need of a reprint and the other just nice to see once again.

Ragavan is a Modern staple and a pricey little pirate, this adds a new way for a lot of players to get their hands on a key card to get into one of Magics most loved formats.

Atraxa is stunning and one of the most popular commands around since her release, she had a new card recently and now a new art, Girl really is out to slay right now.

Niv is just a personal favourite of mine and this new art is absolutely stunning, a relatively cheap card on the second hand market as cards go but still a work of beauty that I wont turn my nose up at if I pull.

SET LIST LINK - March of the Machine Card Image Gallery (

MULTIVERSE LEGENDS LINK - March of the Machine Multiverse Legends Card Image Gallery (

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